We are Brand Tracker. A blog written by seven Algonquin College public relations students in Ontario, Canada. Every week we’ll be bringing you articles about the world of brands and branding strategies based on a variety of contemporary topics and issues including alcohol, style, and entertainment just to name a few. With all of us coming from different backgrounds and with different interests, there won’t be many topics left uncovered.

If you’re looking for creative inspiration and advice, or  some unique commentary on your favourite topic or brand, we promise the BrandTracker blog won’t disappoint.

The Team


Sydney Starke:

Resident WordPress expert, passionate about music, writing, image and brand development, social media management, and people.

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Jessica Kovar:

Driven public relations student interested in brand development, creative branding strategies, media relations, client relations, and promotions. I enjoy writing about unique branding strategies that catch my eye.

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Professional Picture Rachel Herrndorf

Rachel Herrndorf:

 Algonquin College public relations student interested in social media, networking, and event planning.I love learning about how the clothing and car industry brand themselves. I am fascinated by how brands interact with their consumer audience and how they create and  build relationships. Brands have a special way of introducing products and doing product re-launches, their constant need to evolve and try new things captures my attention

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Katerina Sentsisena:

My interests include reputation management, photography, brand image, social media development, brand creation  and the beauty/cosmetics industry.

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Lauren Vantellingen:

Public relations student at Algonquin College focusing on international and media relations. Passionate about public speaking, travelling and writing

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Emily Walsh:

As one of the blog’s executive editors I have a passion for writing, as well as the performing arts, branding strategies (particularly in the alcohol industry), media relations, and public speaking.

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Sabiha Khazal:

I am a public relations student who is passionate about event planning, branding, and social media. I am a blog contributor and blog editor. This blog allows me to learn and inform others about various strategies and tactics that have been used by companies to successfully promote their brand and brand values.

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