Boot Built for War is now a symbol of style: Hunter Boots

images-4Most fashion-loving girls have seen the brightly coloured rain boots. Did you know that they were initially made for the British Army? Hunter Boots, previously known as the North British Rubber Company, has become a brand known to the majority of North American households. Hunter hasn’t achieved this success overnight. The company’s ability to evolve their branding, and to make changes to suit their audience, has continued to make them a profitable business for over 150 years.


Hunter Boots have done a fabulous job of rebranding themselves throughout the years. North British Rubber Company was founded in 1856 and later renamed itself Hunter Boots. For World War I, the North British Rubber Company was commissioned to create a sturdy boot for the British Army. In 1956, the Green Wellington and Royal Hunter were produced. The Royal Hunter remains a bestseller today. The high demand for the sturdy boot during World War I and World War II led to Hunter Boots being a well-known company, with a reputation for making quality goods. The North British Rubber Company was founded in Edinburgh, Scotland and continues to make boots under the name Hunter Boots.


Hunter Boots:

Hunter Boots continues to brand itself as having a unique attitude, elegance, confidence, and performance. Introducing new colours and unique patterns in the market increases its unique selling point. It doesn’t hurt that in 1986 Queen Elizabeth II granted Hunter boots a royal warrant.


Hunter Boots has been popular throughout the United Kingdom for a number of years, but they just started to gain popularity in Canada and the United States five years ago.

Hunter was able to tap into the North American marketplace by producing colourful boots. Hunter Boots produces warm socks for the boots that come in an array of colours, which has every stylish girl swooning. Hunter has been able to overcome their image as a sturdy boot brand and evolve into a fashion brand.



Women post their images of Hunter Boots on all their  social media accounts. You now will see Hunter boots all over Pinterest, Instagram, and  blogs. Hunter Boots has been able to gain brand  awareness on a level unattainable without social media.

Hunters & Social Media:

The introduction of social media allows for  greater awareness and increased chance for rebranding. Hunter uses Pinterest to create awareness for their new and existing boots and products. Hunter currently has attracted 7,498 followers on Pinterest. Hunter’s use of this platform has made rebranding better and more effective. Hunter’s Instagram account has 51,602 followers, making their  Instagram their most effective social media platform.



Christmas Time:

Hunter Boots has also used branding to reach another audience; kids. This Christmas, Hunter Boots will donate five dollars from every purchase, up to a maximum of $25,000, to the Child Mind Institute. The Child Mind Institute supports education and awareness of mental health care for children. 

Personally, I don’t see this trend going away anytime soon. Hunter Boots are perfect for springtime, and even the cold Canadian weather with their new lines of socks and gorgeous new colours!

How did you learn about Hunter Boots?