“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a perfect way to define the video you just watched. What can be more credible and more straightforward than a powerful video? Images often times speak louder than words. It’s one thing to tell your customers that your product will work, but it’s another to show them. There are a couple of major themes present in this video that I will discuss in this blog.

The first is the idea of reverse psychology. The footage starts off with an ordinary man wearing a plain t-shirt. There is nothing special about his appearance. Only when he slowly begins to take off parts of his makeup, do you realize that things are not always as they seem. Only once the reverse process begins to show that he is completely covered in tattoos, do the opening line make sense. Not only does it begin to make sense, but it also makes you realize how great this makeup is. Instant credibility!

dermablend-zombie-boy-1_0 The second theme is that the video takes the format of a commercial. This means it still shows the product (actual container), gives the customer a direct purpose (to cover up tattoos), and showcases the company name (branding).

This is an incredible example of bringing both awareness and credibility to a brand. This also helps build the brand because that video becomes memorable. To see such an intense transformation will make people associate and trust the product that this company is trying to sell.  Not only does it build trust in the product, but it also builds trust in the brand. It demonstrates to buyers that their makeup is high quality and dependable.

Reputation and credibility are both key components to create a trustworthy brand. Dermablend Professional was able to demonstrate how credible their brand was through this campaign, and they were also able to promote this campaign through different social media channels. The Youtube video has 14,376,138 hits and their Facebook page has a significant amount of followers. The company even created an interactive application that allows you “zombify” yourself, and allows you to discover what all of the man’s tattoos mean.

After watching this video, do you think Dermablend is credible?