3 Instagram moments that captured a celebrity brand in 2013

Instagram rose in the social media ranks to a position of power and influence in 2013. By the end of November, this smartphone based app has reached 130 million users and 16 billion photo uploads. Not only were regular Joes snapping and sharing the details of their daily lives, but business owners soon caught on and began promoting their brands via this photo micro-blogging platform. In today’s world of quick glance media scrollers, Instagram provides a unique opportunity for brands to take a literal snapshot of their products, consumers, advertisements, and messages which grab the audience’s attention and pulls them in using carefully crafted, visually appealing images all stored in one place.


Instagram gives the audience a behind-the-scenes look that can normalize and personalize the brand. Ever wonder how the chaos unfolds backstage at a major fashion show? The @victoriassecret angels will show you. What’s Miley Cyrus dressing up as for Halloween? If you’re brave enough to look, she’ll show you that too. Should I stop by Starbucks on my way to work? Their pics of freshly brewed goodness will convince you.  Anyone with something to sell can harness the power of visuals by creating an interesting, active, and appealing Instagram profile.

Celebrities face a unique branding challenge – they are the brand. Creating a personal brand can be tricky, and sticking to it can be even tougher. Instagram gives celebrities an opportunity to give their audience an unprecedented view of their lives, and if done properly, the potential of this platform to reinforce and sell a personal brand is huge.

Three Instagram moments which captured a celebrity brand in 2013:  


beyinstaBeyonce’s brand message is simple: she’s a female powerhouse who can out-diva anyone who’s bold enough to challenge her. The Queen Bey is the modern embodiment of glamour and femininity, and her stage presence is nothing to mess with (we all remember her total takeover of Superbowl 2013). The photo to the left, posted in August 2013, depicts these qualities through her strong pose and facial expression paired with a feminine outfit as she prepares to mesmerize fans with a soaring vocal performance, all the while maintaining an image of elegance, sophistication, and power.

Beyonce’s Instagram account provides the audience with a fantastic mix of personal and professional photos. But for every makeup-less vacation pic, there’s an equally beautiful shot of Mrs. Carter bringing her brand’s message home on the big stage.



Taylor Swift has branded herself as a shy, small town, girl- next- door. Despite her big dreams and subsequent big success, Taylor has always played to her roots as a wholesome young lady searching for love during those unforgiving teenage years.

Taylor posted this selfie, with the caption “look what happened. :)”, in February 2013 after winning a Grammy for Best Song Written for Visual Media (Safe & Sound from The Hunger Games). Here she casually holds the coveted piece of hardware with a sheepish grin on her face. This photo captures her brand by showing the pop star receiving a major honour and humbly sharing it with the world in the most simple way possible, illustrating Taylor’s down-to-earth vibe and always perfectly poised and gentle demeanor.



There’s no doubt Justin Timberlake has undergone a serious rebrand since his teenage heart-throb days as NSync’s front man (in case you need a reminder). No longer do we associate JT with his boy-band past – he’s now a man defined by class, charm, and a rare balance between masculinity and elegance.

This photo, posted early in November 2013, perfectly captures the JT brand. Reminiscent of ’60s crooners like Frank Sinatra, this image showcases the classic, timeless appeal of Timberlake. He looks graceful on stage, yet incredibly masculine and charming while selling his message to an audience. Just because you couldn’t be at the show, doesn’t mean you don’t get to share the feeling created by Timberlake’s performance.

Instagram is a valuable resource for anyone trying to promote a personal or corporate brand. Learning how to use this tool properly is an investment into a business’s future, and there’s plenty of help out there to show you how.

Know any other celebrities who’ve captured their brand on Instagram? Share the pics in the comments below!