How Starbucks Won the Christmas Brand

starbuckscupWhen the cups turn red at Starbucks it cues an emotional reaction that the holidays are upon us in a way that no other brand does. It does for me anyway, and I bet, on some level, it does for you too.

It’s November, you enter a Starbucks for your morning coffee and you’re greeted with the same warm red glow of coffee cups and decorations that you see every year popping up at this time; cue nostalgia, cue emotion, cue the holiday spirit. You start thinking about gift ideas and BAM- your mom loves the peppermint mocha, and what do you know, they’re selling the product right beside the cash. Your first holiday gift has been purchased.

You go home to tell your roommate, “It’s Christmas at Starbucks,” and you begin your conversation about the holidays and how you can’t believe it’s already here.

The red cups are more than just red, it has taken on a cultural symbol of the holidays linked with your emotions surrounding that holiday. This is what all brands strive for, and this is how Starbucks wins Christmas branding.

How do you feel when you see the red cups and decorations at Starbucks?

What other brands give you an emotional reaction around the holidays?