Volvo Truck’s YouTube Branding: The Epic Split- Featuring Van Damme

Because being ordinary isn’t good enough. This YouTube clip caught my attention. At first, I thought Van Damme was on a yacht. After a few seconds, I discovered he was between two Volvo trucks, and he had one foot on each side.


Volvo, a vehicle company whose core values are safety, quality, and environmental care, recently decided to take a new approach to branding their truck cabs. I encourage you to take a look at the video.

I don’t know about you, but I never have thought about the innovation of transport trucks. Through this YouTube video, Volvo was able to catch viewers off guard and subtly brand themselves as quality transport providers. The video currently has  52,908, 538 views.

Volvo made a brilliant branding move when they chose to launch the video “Volvo Trucks- The Epic Split feat. Van Damme (Live Test 6).”

Volvo chose to brand the new dynamic steering technology on their truck cabs by making an association to a celebrity.  This celebrity is one who is well respected. He goes by the name of Jean Claude Van Damme.

Celebrity branding


Jean Claude Van Damme is an international actor known for his experience with martial arts. Van Damme has only taken roles that align with his expertise. Although he is 53, he is in better shape than the majority of viewers.

Volvo chose wisely when they picked Van Damme. When the video clip begins, Van Damme speaks about the way his body is crafted. Van Damme’s experience with martial arts makes him an expert on the way his body is crafted.

Van Damme is persuasive because he creates common ground by discussing his body, and then associates his body to driving a Volvo truck. Van Damme performs the splits while the vehicles continue to move backwards. This compares the quality of the steering with the quality of his physical abilities.

Using Van Damme was a brilliant branding move because of his ability to create common ground with the viewers. He may not be the youngest person, but he is a rational, intelligent, and charismatic person. He is  dressed in everyday clothing to make him more relatable  . Using Van Damme helps to brand Volvo as an even more credible vehicle company.

The video also suggests that Volvo is an edgy vehicle brand. It does this by attempting to separate itself from other companies while still promoting the company’s core values.

YouTube viewers are impressed and entertained by the clip. Through the video, Volvo acknowledges that they need to heighten brand awareness for the company’s transport vehicles. Volvo wants the average person to know they have the highest quality transport trucks.

Changing thoughts on transport trucks


 Changing the way the average person thinks about transport trucks was clearly a key objective communicated through this video. Personally, when I think of transport trucks I think of men who are not in peak physical condition. I think of men who are holding extra large soft drinks in their hands while driving. I was astounded by this video clip. It only took a minute and 17 seconds to change my perspective on transport trucks and truck drivers. What I once saw as a low paying job, I now see as one that takes great skill and patience. The Volvo video was not only able to change my view about the company, but about truck drivers in general.

This is not the only YouTube video that Volvo Trucks has uploaded.  Volvo has 331 videos posted to YouTube.  These videos are stories about drivers as well as about Volvo’s innovations.

The video clip makes it easy to see that Volvo Trucks are different than the Volvo cars people usually think of. Volvo trucks do not refer to the pickup truck sector. Volvo trucks refer to transport trucks and cabs. YouTube has given Volvo the chance to change the image and thoughts provoked when people think of transport trucks.

Volvo used YouTube to present itself as a world leader when it comes to transport trucks.

What did you think of Volvo’s transport truck branding? Please leave comment below.