How the Dos Equis Brand Became a Cultural Phenomenon


He can speak Russian….in French. His charm is so contagious, vaccines have been created for it. And when he becomes the international face of a small import beer from Mexico during an economic… Continue reading

Boot Built for War is now a symbol of style: Hunter Boots


Most fashion-loving girls have seen the brightly coloured rain boots. Did you know that they were initially made for the British Army? Hunter Boots, previously known as the North British Rubber Company, has… Continue reading



“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a perfect way to define the video you just watched. What can be more credible and more straightforward than a powerful video? Images often times… Continue reading

How changing a brand sparked change in the world


If you could say anything to the President of the United States what would you say? Would you be nervous? What if you could talk to him through the comfort of your own… Continue reading

Cats help IKEA increase brand appeal. For real.


In late 2010, IKEA launched their Happy Inside campaign to demonstrate how IKEA products were more than just cheap “stuff,” but could provide comfortable living spaces to make anyone feel happy inside their… Continue reading

3 Instagram moments that captured a celebrity brand in 2013


Instagram rose in the social media ranks to a position of power and influence in 2013. By the end of November, this smartphone based app has reached 130 million users and 16 billion… Continue reading

Four lessons to take away from Chipotle’s short film “The Scarecrow”


I grew up listening to stories, as I’m sure did many of you. My parents used stories as a way to teach me lessons and values. As I grow up, those stories still… Continue reading

How Starbucks Won the Christmas Brand


When the cups turn red at Starbucks it cues an emotional reaction that the holidays are upon us in a way that no other brand does. It does for me anyway, and I… Continue reading

Volvo Truck’s YouTube Branding: The Epic Split- Featuring Van Damme


Because being ordinary isn’t good enough. This YouTube clip caught my attention. At first, I thought Van Damme was on a yacht. After a few seconds, I discovered he was between two Volvo trucks,… Continue reading

“M.A.C. has quietly taken over the planet”


I still remember the first time bought my very first eye shadow from M.A.C., it was called “Twinks” and it was beautiful. Even though it was a safe choice of a neutral brown… Continue reading

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